When Your Speeding And See A Cop

Imagine this, you are just barreling down the freeway as fast as you possibly can, speedometer gave up on you several miles ago. And then, all of a sudden you spot a cop in the distance.

That’s when you slam on the brakes and start driving like a little old lady on Sunday church trip 🙂 Image Source by autodealspk

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Use Nail Polish to Cover Up Scratches

Use Nail Polish to Cover Up Scratches

Clear nail polish works just as well for scratches that aren’t too deep. Clear nail polish can hide scratches on the glass without fading or harming it. Apply a thin layer of polish to the scratch with the polish brush. Any grooves created by the scratch will be filled in with clear polish. Allow an hour for the polish to dry before wiping it away with a clean towel dipped in nail polish remover.

Source: 50 Easy To Do Car Tips and Hacks

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