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When Your Speeding And See A Cop

Imagine this, you are just barreling down the freeway as fast as you possibly can, speedometer gave up on you several miles ago. And then, all of a sudden you spot a cop in the distance.

That’s when you slam on the brakes and start driving like a little old lady on Sunday church trip 🙂 Image Source by autodealspk

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Quick Car Tips

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Polish The Interior of Your Car Using Vaseline

Polish The Interior of Your Car Using Vaseline

Here is a good car tip that will not be very hard to implement. Clean the dashboard of your automobile using a mixture of water and cleaning solution. Once it’s dry, use a clean towel to apply a little amount of Vaseline. Remove any extra Vaseline with a damp cloth. This does an excellent job of conditioning and shining the dashboard. Your dashboard will look amazing for a long time. Plus it will not cast very much.

Source: DIY Car Detailing Interior Hacks

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