What is NHRA Drag Racing? (Top Fuel and Funny Car)

Top fuel and funny car drag racing are at the top of their class. These are the fastest accelerating vehicles on the planet. We had the opportunity to experience an NHRA drag racing event to what it’s all about.

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  1. Well…. If the driver and pit crew are wearing gass masks in the pit. Then I do not think it is such a good idea to stand so close. Well…. Not my health i can tell you.

  2. All Mopar power on everyone of those cars too ! 500 cubic inch Chrysler design hemis ! They all just put their logos on the engines ! No Ford / Chevy / or Toyota parts at all !

  3. 'We drive cars, fueled by the fuel, which is so toxic, that you have to wear gas masks, when you stand near it' – 'MERICA FOK YEAH…

  4. Honestly…. I don't get this. Seems just plain easy and I don't get how it can he fun. But hey, everyone has their own tastes


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