What is NHRA Drag Racing? (Top Fuel and Funny Car)

Top fuel and funny car drag racing are at the top of their class. These are the fastest accelerating vehicles on the planet. We had the opportunity to experience an NHRA drag racing event to what it’s all about.

Thanks to Advance Auto Parts for getting us out to the track! Head on over to pick up some parts!

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Quick Car Tips

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Make Sure Your Air Filter Is Clean

Make Sure Your Air Filter Is Clean

When your air filters are blocked or fit loosely, you can have a variety of difficulties with your car. To keep your engine healthy, air filters block dust, pollen, and other impurities. When the air filter is dirty, however, it restricts airflow into the engine, robbing your vehicle of power and lowering performance and fuel economy. Every 12,000 miles, it’s advised that you replace your air filter.

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