Land Cruiser Diesel Cars Land Cruiser has traveled the world for more than half a century through sand, mud, and rocks, and in this family, the biggest, the widest, and the heaviest is the Land Cruiser V8.

Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel V8

The current world situation tends towards ecology, by the problems which our planet knows, however, the big 4x4s have never been so desired by the general public. 4x4s, there are masses, but indestructible there is only one, the Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel V8 (Station Wagon).

Land Cruiser Diesel has traveled the world for more than half a century through sand, mud, and rocks, and in this family, the biggest, the widest, and the heaviest is the Land Cruiser V8.

Especially since it took a facelift in 2008, to properly confront its rivals. This luxury heavyweight is now in its eighth generation and to properly measure the XXL measurements of the Station Wagon, you have to compare it to its little brother, the short Land Cruiser Diesel V8.

The difference is obvious, in fact the SW is much wider and reaches almost two meters in width for a weight greater than two and a half tons.

Toyota has particularly focused on the interior world of its liner.

The interior of the V8 could be confused with that of a limousine.

The dashboard is massive and corresponds well to that of a 4×4, however, the equipment is ultra-complete, worthy of a high-end sedan where all the latest fashionable gadgets are installed.

From GPS to quadri-zone air conditioning, via opulent leather upholstery and a living room sound system, the V8 is not just a big adventurer.

It contains 7 places in a rather large environment. Note that the last two seats are optional and are as comfortable as the others.

The set is perfectly modular and allows you to increase the loading volume at will.

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Brand New Diesel V8 For Its Class

As the name suggests, this vehicle is equipped with a brand new V8. A rather light 286hp diesel unit, given the elephant it has to transport.

Despite its weight, the Land Cruiser Diesel Station Wagon is pleasant to drive even if its automatic gearbox lacks responsiveness and does not allow sharp overtaking.

A small flaw that it perfectly fills thanks to its unmistakable off-road qualities. The great outdoors are its real kingdom, the 4×4 SW goes absolutely everywhere.

It is impossible to fault the machine, particularly effective on winding spaces, even at high speed: it is surprisingly simple.

Differential lock, short gearbox, new suspensions, this 4×4 has perfectly retained its off-road features.

But there is still better.

The “Crawl Control” is used to go off-road even if you are not at all a specialist. Indeed, the new Land Cruiser SW manages electronics, brakes, acceleration, suspensions, absolutely everything, you just have to hold the wheel.

With a simple press of a button, and the choice of speed between 1, 3 or 5km / h and voila: the car will overcome any obstacle on its own ascent on its permanent four-wheel drive.

You have almost nothing to fear in the event of a collision with your car, it is so imposing. However, the Land Cruiser V8 is equipped with numerous driving aids and several airbags which will ensure optimum safety.

On the page of annoying questions, we have CO2 emissions and consumption. Its twin-turbo diesel V8 with 4 valves per cylinder of 286 hp consumes 10.2 liters per 100km / h in the combined cycle, and rejects 270g of CO2 per km. You will obviously have to pay a good ecological penalty.

The Land Cruiser Diesel Car V8 is a luxurious car built to escape alone or with family why not. Going for kilometers will become one of your first passions, on all, absolutely all the grounds which shelter our planet.

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The most mastodon of 4×4 has only one engine. A 286hp diesel with all-wheel drive and 8 cylinders in V.

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