Toyota Crown S200 has been a long-running series of Toyota Company Japan since 1955. There are many generations available in Toyota Crown. Here, you will know about Toyota Crown S200(2008).

2008 Toyota Crown S200

Crown S200 has been a long-running series of Toyota Company Japan since 1955. There are many generations available in Toyota Crown. Here, you will know about Toyota Crown S200(2008).

Toyota crown s200 is the third generation with many new features. It is five-seater, four doors, and Sedan Body Type.

The releasing year of this beauty is February 2008. It is written as Toyota Crown S200 2008-2012 because 2008-2012 was the production years of this car.

Toyota cars have made their way into the US market and is one of the most sold cars in the market.  There are millions of these cars running all over America.

They have a very good track record and have proven to be very reliable, great looking, and affordable cars.

This series of Toyota cars won many awards nationally and internationally, and it also brought some innovations in the world.

It is one of the most luxurious vehicles in the Toyota family. Four levels of Toyota crown is available in the automobile market, which will be discussed later.

2008 S200 Features

2008 Toyota Crown Athlete XIII S200

The Toyota Crown S200 has many amazing features, they are the following:

  • Engine Specifications: Internal Combustion 2.5 V6 24V (Automatic)
  • Power: 215 hp @ 6400 rpm
  • Torque: 260 Nm @ 3800 rpm
  • Engine Location: Front
  • Displacement: 2400 cm3Model: 4GR-FSE
  • No. of Cylinders: 6
  • Cylinder Bore: 83 mm
  • No. of Valves per Cylinder: 4
  • Valve-Train: DOHC
  • Compression rate: 12-13
  • Piston Stroke: 76 m
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Injection: Direct
  • Tank Capacity: 18.77 US gallon (71 l)
  • Weight and Dimensions:
  • Kerb weight: 1600 kg
  • Max. weight: 1875 kg
  • Length: 4870 mm
  • Height: 1470 mm
  • Width: 1795 mm
  • Ride Height: 155 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2850 (Front track: 1535mm, ack track: 1535 mm)
  • Turning diameter(circle): 10.4 m
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Types of Toyota Crown S200

There are four levels of Toyota Crown S200. It means there are four types of cars that were made in this series. Their physical features differentiate them. They are:

  • The Crown Royal Series: It is a more luxurious and comfortable car
  • The Crown Athlete Series: It has some sport features and considered an aggressive style
  • The Crown Majesta Series: It has different styles, and it is regarded as a more luxurious car than the Royal series
  • The Crown Hybrid Series: It is designated for the Hybrid Synergy Drive V6 drivetrain

Crown S200 Innovations

2008 Toyota Crown Royal S200

I have already mentioned above that Toyota Crown S200 brought some changes in the world of Automobile.

It became the first motor that has active noise control to make the car a smooth quiet ride. It brought Collision avoidance system(PCS) with front side millimeter-wave radar.

It helps in detects when other car crosses the center-line. It brought the first center airbag.

It updated the Driver Monitoring System, which helps that driver is awaking or not, a good thing for me. It is more valuable in the night or if the driver wears sunglasses.

First Pedestrian Detection System is installed in this car. It brought the first PCS with GPS- navigation linked brake assist system.

Price varies from level to level. Depending on what you are needing it could be either very affordable or a bit pricy, and it is about $10000 to $30000.

Toyota Crown S200 2008 is considered as King of Cars in 2008. It is one of the best vehicles until now.

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