Top 5 Fastest Cars under $20,000

Top 5 Fastest cars you can buy under $20,000 if your car shopping with a budget and want something fast. what do you think of the cars on the list and what cars would you add?


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  1. Real nice E55/CLS55 AMG's can be found for under $20K. For a luxury sedan with 470HP stock, they're fairly reliable and not that expensive to own if you treat it right and maintain it yourself.

  2. I wanted a mid 90s vette with the lt1 but it uses the omnispark distributors which I was told nobody makes anymore? Anyone have any Info on this?

  3. Currently own a 2006 Acura TL, it was my first car, but feel like it's almost time to upgrade, I need something newer than that, fairly luxurious, fast, under $18k, any recommendations????

  4. You never want to buy a modded car there's so many idiots out there that don't do jobs right you can't trust it was done right

  5. I’m just trying to find a muscle car that isn’t a camaro or mustang because everyone where I live has one I want to stand out a little with my build

  6. The idea is to show the fastest NEW cars under $20,000, if you include used cars then Porsche 911 is into 3s seconds and 2003+ Mercedes E55 does 4.1 sec without any mods.

  7. 2004 Corvette Z06 still faster than most, and only cost average $20k. As for the mustang…fast in a straight line perhaps, but don’t do corners or a burnout..😂

  8. I picked up a 2004 gto for $13800 with only 16500 miles on it. Garage kept by an older guy who passed, sold by his wife. It may be the leaser gto with only the ls1 motor and 50 less horspower, but you cant beat that deal. I love it because its a prime example of a 90's muscle car (its a 2004 but originally manufactured in australia in 1998). Find me a better 90s era muscle car i dare you.

  9. Good condition/low mileage terminators are usually somewhere between 20k and 30k. The beat up/high mileage terminators range from 14k to 19k.

  10. Ls1 fbodys are 98-02
    GTO is 04-06 and had the ls1 for 04 then the ls2

    So if your going to make this kind of video do a little research, Wikipedia is just a click away

  11. Why don’t y’all just get a 15-17 mustang with a coyote 5.0 with 435 hp you can find used ones for like 20-25 k and slap a twin turbo setup on it and make 900hp


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