Top 10 Coolest Cars of 2019

Here are’s picks for the Top 10 coolest cars of 2019. We cover all bases, from a speedy wagon to a surprisingly street-legal sports car, and even a truck. Watch the video now so you can get on with judging our choices, already!

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  1. My list
    10. Mustang new gens
    9. M3 e36
    8. Shelby gt500
    7. Lancer evo 1-6
    6. Audi s4
    5. Corvette c8r
    4. Ford gt 2016
    3. Honda nsx 1st gen
    2. M3 e46 coupé
    1. M3 e46 GTR

  2. The dull narration is perfect for a video about the coolest cars. Just kidding. Where's Craig. Where's anyone else in the entire world?

  3. What is going on at auto guide? Faceless and robotic reviews… where is the rest of journalists? Hardly any new content lately…

  4. Goof list. I would suggest the sister car to the Kia Stinger, the manual G70, because… well, it has a manual option. Not a great manual and a strange clutch. I do see that Kia is doing a great job making the Stinger stand out. Maybe Genesis will learn and do a Genesis version of “N” performance and attitude ala the Veloster N. Good job.

  5. Toyota should’ve at least teamed up with Lotus and used their own supercharged V6, like in the Evora S. A 400 hp V6 Supra with a Lotus tuned chassis would’ve been ore exciting than a BMW imo. Would’ve been more reliable too.


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