Top 10 Coolest Cars of 2019

Here are’s picks for the Top 10 coolest cars of 2019. We cover all bases, from a speedy wagon to a surprisingly street-legal sports car, and even a truck. Watch the video now so you can get on with judging our choices, already!

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Quick Car Tips

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Save Your Garage With a Tennis Ball

Save Your Garage With a Tennis Ball

Some drivers are unsure of how far they should pull into their garage. Another leisure item can assist you in safely entering your garage. First and foremost, you must successfully park in the designated area. When you arrive, get out of your vehicle and make a visual notation of where your windshield is in relation to the rest of the garage. Pull it out of the garage and hang a tennis ball from a string near the driver’s side of the vehicle. You’ll know you’ve parked your car correctly when your windshield hits the tennis ball.

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