Would You Be Afraid of This Little Smart Police Car

Little Smart Police Car is just so small is almost laughable. Believe it or not this a Little Cop Car. I probably would since it’s still a cop. But I may laugh.

Little Smart Police Car

A smart police car may not be the thing feared by the bad guys, but they are being used by many police stations around the world.  The image above is from a new line of Sweden smart police cars that are coming out.

The video below is from New York City’s new smart cars that are being also used.  A report by CBS This Morning talks about the new police cars that are simply just tiny.

Little Smart Cop Cars give NYPD the right to remain adorable Video


When you see police cars they would turn heads as they are flying by you with sirens and lights.

New York Police department’s new Smart Cars are getting plenty of weird looks as they are being deployed.

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