Again when Jerry Seinfeld was a BMW man as an alternative of a Saab-aholic – on his eponymous ’90s sitcom, we imply – he had an episode a few stink inside his car that couldn’t be outwitted. Now it appears Hyundai’s in the identical boat.Apparently, some homeowners of Hyundai’s pretty new Palisade SUV complain it regularly develops the worst “new automotive scent” ever — like a cross between garlic and previous socks, they are saying.Whereas we may most likely abide with a roasted garlic air freshener, previous socks is simply unacceptable. Hyundai thinks so, too, however the automaker hasn’t been capable of utterly pin down the reason for the stench — properly, not but.“We’re conscious of the priority and are at present within the midst of the investigation, which incorporates figuring out and validating a repair,” Hyundai stated in an announcement to The Drive. “As soon as a restore methodology is confirmed efficient, a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) shall be launched to offer course to our seller physique on how you can resolve the priority.”Chasing a nasty scent in your personal car is tough sufficient — whereas a private car may have an previous Massive Mac below the seat or one thing, what occurs if the issue is the supplies connected to the car itself?Fortunately, Hyundai does have one speculation as to the place the scent is coming from — California. That’s proper, the Nappa leather-based utilized in some greater luxurious trims could apparently be inflicting the stink, as cloth-interior fashions don’t have the identical drawback.So there’s a prime tip for you: if you happen to’re going to purchase a Palisade, save your scratch, and save the stink, with material seats.Again in TV land, whereas Seinfeld ended up donating his automotive to the streets, we’re hoping Hyundai can determine how you can flip the tides on this turmoil — maybe with some Tide?

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Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying

Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying

There are many reasons why your car battery may be dying all the time. The most common reasons why your car battery died are… Too many drains on your electrical system, There are problems with your alternator, Corroded or loose battery connectors, The Battery is Too Old, Bad Connections (Electrical Short), Extreme weather may also kill your battery or Battery left for too long without being charged. Any or all of the above options will kill your battery or drain it to the point that it will not start your car.

Source: Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Batteries Post.

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