The Ferrari F40 Cool Sports Car

The Ferrari F40 is a classic supercar built-in 1987 by the rampant Cavallino to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari. A high-flying Berlinetta that, designed by Pininfarina, was assembled in composite materials. Even being a very exclusive and special sports car, more than 1,000 units were produced until the end of its manufacture in 1992.

Anthology of the turbo rampant Cavallino. Ferrari returns to supercharged engines

The Essence of the Ferrari F40 Sports Car


The essence of the Ferrari F40 is a V8 engine of 2,936 cm3 with turbo, thanks to which it reached nothing more and nothing less than 478 HP of power, thanks to which it reached 324 km / h top speed. Ferrari turned to the turbo at that time to take advantage of the transfer between the street and the competition. Recall that in those years the turbo dominated with authority in Formula 1. More information in: anthology of the turbo cavallino.

The Ferrari F40 is the heir of an illustrious saga of Ferrari sports cars, the replacement for the former GTO, the predecessor of beasts like the F50, the Enzo and, more recently, LaFerrari. See video of Ferrari F40, F50, GTO, LaFerrari and Enzo in Fiorano.

Definition of happiness: this Ferrari F40, furrowing ski slopes and skidding in the snow. A Day in The Life, is a short film that Red Bull Japan has just published.

Although the Ferrari F40 looked like a racing car, it was actually initially designed as a sports car legally approved for use on public roads. In any case, there were also versions of the Ferrari F40 for racing, circuits, which were actually preparations by the famous coach Michelotto. More information about the Ferrari F40 Prototype / GT by Michelotto.

In these years we have seen the supercar of the most desired rampant cavallino in all kinds of situations, for example in this video of the Ferrari F40 on snow, or even skidding between farms on the mud. If you are a fan of this sport you can even get a Ferrari F40 from LEGO.


The Ferrari F40 is one of the most desired sports cars, and it reaches higher figures at auctions. The price of the Ferrari F40 at this time can far exceed one million euros, and we have even seen auctions in which it reached 1.5 million euros in its street version. The Ferrari F40 has also had illustrious owners, such as Luciano Pavarotti, or Rod Stewart.

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