FASTEST car we’ve EVER filmed..10,000hp – 300mph in the 1/4mile!

This thing was absolutely NUTS! 10,000 horsepower, 300mph in the quarter mile, and FIVE FOOT flames coming out of both sides of this beast. If only we could film these things more often!!

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  1. There's nothing like a Top fuel NHRA event, if your at all into cars or trucks you owe it to yourself to see these top tier machines in action, it really is an experience. The sight of six foot flames, the smell of toxic fuel burning your nostrils, eyes and skin, the feeling of that thump in your chest when they launch, the heat as it blazes past you in the stands, and, oh baby, that sound, my heavens, that sound. You will be surprised at the sound just on initial fire up, and again during the burnout, but thats only the tip of the iceberg compared to the launch and pass.

  2. When I was going over the border into Scotland, the motorway going into Edinburgh was dead, so in my 1.4 Corsa I floored it and on the speed dial it said 107mph but on the accurate SatNav it said 100mph…and for me I felt like Antony Hopkins in the film world's fastest Indian.

  3. You've never filmed top fuel dragsters???? Top fuel 11,000hp 335-338 mph.. how is it even possible that after all these years someone dedicated to filming 1320ft (quarter mile) racing has never filmed the quickest cars in drag racing??


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