BMW 325i E90 Elegant Sports Car Pinxcars

BMW 325i E90 Elegant Sports Car. BMW has been a ruling automobile company since 1955. They have manufactured many generations of BMW cars. Here, you will know about the BMW 325i E90 that was made between 2005-10.

BMW 325i E90 Elegant Sports Car

The 325i E90 is a passenger and sports car from BMW. It is a four to five-seater, four doors, and Sedan Body Type.

The releasing year of this sports car is 2003, and the model year is 2005-10. This automobile is available in different colors.

It is a part of the fifth generation of 3 series of BMW. There are four levels of 325i E90 are available in the automobile market, which will be discussed later.

Features of the BMW 325i E90

The BMW 325i E90 ELEGAN SPORTS CAR has plenty of amazing features, which are the following:

Engine and Performance

BMW 325i E90 uses 2.0L N52B25 inline-6 engine produces 215 bhp @6100rpm power and 199 ft-lbs @2400-4200rpm torque. It is located on the front side.

There are six cylinders containing two valves per cylinder. The bore and stroke ratio is 1:9 and compression ration is 12:1. DOHC valvetrain is used.

There are two types of fuel which are Petrol and Diesel, it means you can drive your car on petrol as well as diesel.

The injection type of fuel is Direct and tank capacity is 16.6 US gallons. The maximum speed of BMW 325i E90 is 152 mph where it covers 60 mph(100km) in 6.8 sec.

E90 BMW 325i Cool Sports Car Pinxcars

Body Style and Weight

E90 BMW is available in Sedan body style, was launched on 5 March 2005.

The curb of E90 is 1505 kg and the maximum weight is 1800 kg plus ht:1421 mm, ln:4531 mm, wd:1817 mm.

The wheelbase is 2760 mm(front: 1506 mm, rear: 1535mm). The turning diameter is about 10m.

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It is not a very heavy vehicle. Its low weight smoothes its driving.

Suspension and Drivetrain

BMW E90 uses MacPherson Strut suspension with aluminum hub carrier and aluminum dual lower links and a virtual pivot point at the front.

5-link Multilink suspension with a cast-iron carrier, fabricated steel subframe, and fabricated steel control arms are used at the rear side.

Both tires have the same number of the size which is 205/55 R16(R16 is rims size).

Both brakes(front and rear) are made up of Ventilated disk. Six-speed manual gears are present in BMW 325i E90.

The steering type of vehicle is power-assisted rack and pinion. ABS is present for safety.

Optional Features

Traction Control System(TCS), Parking and Rain Sensors, GPS and Toolkit, Climate Control, Cornering Brake Control systems are installed in BMW E90 which makes it more worthy.

4 Classical Levels of BMW E90 325i

There are four levels of BMW 325i. Their physical features differentiate them. They are mentioned below:

  • The BMW E90: Sudan
  • The BMW E91: Touring
  • The BMW E92: Coupe
  • The BMW E93: Convertible

325i Image Gallery

BMW 325i White Sedan
BMW E90 Sports Car
325i E90 BMW Awesome Sports Car Pinxcars
2006 2010 BMW Fast Sport Car Pinxcars

BMW 325i E90 Awards

When it was released, it astonished people with its amazing features and price (mentioned below).

It won the award and ranked 1st that year like “World Car of the Year” award, “Best New Sports Sedan” award, “Car of the Year” awards, and many others.

Price varies from level to level. Its price is not much high, and it is about $31,000 to $40,000, not a bad price for this awesome car. The gadgets which are installed are of high-quality.

BMW 325i E90 Elegant Sports Car Pinxcars

Everyone wants to buy BMW once in life. So BMW 325i E90 Sports Car is an affordable, luxury car. If you are looking for a BMW sports car in a low budget, I will recommend this beauty.

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