Audi A3 1996 version is a first-generation automobile made its debut in 1996. There are many generations in the Audi Version A3, but here, you will know about the first generation of Audi that was made in 1996.

1996 Audi A3 First Generation Car

It came with a choice of front or all-wheel-drive configuration. It was introduced in the European automobile market in 1996. It’s a small size family or executive car.

It’s a full-size 3-door luxury hatchback body style. It is also an everyman car. It is easily affordable by anyone with its very low price.

There are four kinds of Audi A3 1996 available in the automobile market, which will be discussed later.

1996 Audi A3 Features

The Audi A3 1996 has several amazing features. They are the following:

Engine and Performance: Audi A3 (1996) uses the 1.6L 4AT(1595 cc) engine at the front which produces 101 bhp @5600rpm power and 106 ft-lbs @3800rpm torque.

Four cylinders were installed where single-cylinder contain two valves. The compression ratio of cylinders is 10:3:1. And the bore/stroke ratio is 1:05.

The type of fuel is Gasoline(Petrol) and the fuel injection type is Direct and tank capacity is 14.4 US gallon. The top speed is 117 mph where it covers 62 mph in just 11.3 sec. It was considered swift speed in 1996.

Framework and Body Style: It is a full-sized, 3 to 5 door luxury hatchback body style vehicle. The company introduced a hatchback body style because it gave a sporty car looks.

Its curb weight is 1140 kg and dry weight is 1635 kg where(ht:1422 mm, ln:4152 mm, wd:1753 mm). Its wheelbase is about 2512(front track: 1513 mm, rear track: 1595 mm).

Suspension and Drivetrain: The Audi A3 1996 uses wishbone suspension at the front and rear sides. Both types of vehicles have the same size which is 195/65 R15(R15 is rims size).

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It is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. Both brakes are composed of Ventilated disks. There are four automatic speed gears in the 1996 version of the Audi. The steering type of car is the rack. ABS was also installed for safety.

Four Kinds of Audi A3 1996

There were four kinds of Audi A3 made in 1996. It means there are four types of this car. Their physical features differentiate them. They are:
  • 2.0T Premium: It’s a four-door and front-wheel drive of Sedan body type and has a combined MPG of 29.
  • 2.0T Premium Quattro: It is also a four-door but the all-wheel-drive of Quattro Sedan body type and has combined MPG of 25.
  • 2.0T Premium Cabriolet: It’s a two-door front-wheel drive of Cabriolet body type and has also combined MPG of 29.
  • 2.0T Premium Quattro Cabriolet: It’s also a two-door but the all-wheel-drive of Cabriolet body type and has also connected MPG of 25.

1996 A3 Audi Innovations

Following are the changes that Audi A3 1996 has brought to the automotive market, is no wonder it was one of the great cars.

Audi has come up with the lightweight version of this type of Audi cars. The car has ultra-lightweight technology that helped to trim weight.

With the development of its own driving system, the traditional driving system converted from conventional to alternative.

This car was the one that introduced the first dual-clutch automatic transmission.

It introduced the new lighting technology from halogen to Matrix LED. It has the assistance systems like auto-piloted driving system.

Audi A3 Image Gallery

Audi A3 Car
Grey Audi A3
White Audi A3
Blue 1996 Audi
1996 Audi A3 Quattro 4dr Wagon
Light Grey Audi A3

How Much Did the Audi A3 cost?

The price of the Audi A3 1996 is not too high. Price varies from level to level. Its price is not much high, and it is about $26,000 to $50,000.

Audi A3 1996 was one of the great cars in 1996 It’s a debut car of the A3 series. It was a very exciting car of its time.

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