2013 BMW 328i XDrive Liquid Blue
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2013 BMW 328i XDrive. BMW is a very well known German Multinational Car Manufacturer Company. They have manufactured many generations of BMW cars. Here, you will know about the BMW XDrive 328i(2013).

2013 BMW 328i XDrive

A very well put together car the 2013 BMW 328i XDrive from BMW is a very well known German Multinational Car Manufacturer Company. They have manufactured many generations of BMW cars. Here, you will know about the BMW XDrive 328i(2013).

The 2013 BMW 328i XDrive comes equipped with some excellent standard features.

It is a four-seater, four doors, and a Sedan Body Type vehicle. This awesome BMW car was released in 2013.

This motor itself set many records, and it also brought some innovations in the world.

You can choose from either front wheels or rear wheels, it can accommodate automatically. It is a vehicle of all-weather.


Three levels of 328i XDrive is available in the automobile market, which will be discussed later.

Features of The 2013 BMW 328i XDrive

The 2013 BMW 328i XDrive has many amazing features,
They are the following:

Engine and Performance

The BMW Xdrive 328i utilizes 2.0 L4 Turbo DOHC (Automatic) engine which produces 241 hp @6500 rpm power and 255 ft-lbs @1250 rpm torque.

It is located at the front. It has four cylinders. The compression ratio of the cylinder is 10:1, bore and stroke ratio is 0:93.

The fuel type is Petrol and Diesel, injection type is direct and tank capacity is 15.9 US gallon.

The maximum speed of Xdrive 328i is 155 mph where it covers 62 mph (100 km) in 5.8 sec.

Car Review 2013 BMW 328i xDrive Driving

The BMW 328i Body Style

The 328i is a four-seater, four-door sedan body style vehicle. The curb weight is 1613 kg, maximum weight is 1800 kg(ln:4636 mm,ht:1434,wd:1811 mm).

The wheelbase is 2810 mm in which the front track is about 1543 mm and the rear track is 1572 mm. The turning diameter is 10.5 m.

Suspension and Drivetrain

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At the front, it has a double-wishbone suspension is used and at the rear, Multilink independent wishbone suspension is used.

It is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. The front and rear tires size are the same sizes which is 225/45 R18.

It has 18-inches star spoke light alloy wheels which considered as run-flat performance tires. The type of steering is a rack. There are six automatic gears.

Optional Features

The car has halogen high and low-beam headlights, M aerodynamic kits, high gloss chrome exhaust tips, tracking system, FM radio system, supporting electronic appliances, shadow line exterior, and long battery life.

These amazing features make it a more impressive car in the BMW family.

BMW 328i Image Gallery

2013 BMW 328i XDrive Grey Sedan
2013 Used BMW 3 Series CERTIFIED 328i xDRIVE AWD Sedan
Cool Red BMW 328i
Pre-Owned 2013 BMW 328i xDrive Sedan

2013 BMW 328i XDrive Awards

BMW Xdrive Liquid Blue 328ihas been honored several times with prizes and awards which are mentioned below:

The Best of the Brands award which was given by Switzerland.
It also honored with the Performance Car Award. It also ranked in the most stylish car category.

2013 BMW 328i XDrive Sports Wagon

It’s an everyman diving car, so anyone can buy this car that can afford its purchase amount. Price varies from level to level. Its price is not much high, and it is about $38,850 to $40,400.

2013 BMW 328i XDrive is an excellent vehicle, and everyone can get it. It gives a comfortable drive. Its amazing features will blow your mind. 328i is one of the best vehicles in 2013.

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